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Mot generalstrejk i Honduras
juli 16, 2009, 8:27 f m
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Det verkar som om motståndet i Honduras nu är på väg att röra sig in i en radikalare fas.

Från IPS:

Meanwhile, the so-called Resistance Front Against the Coup d’Etat announced a new, more radical phase of protests this week aimed at securing Zelaya’s return.

Congressman Marvin Ponce of the leftist Democratic Unification (UD) party said he believes the talks in San José are merely aimed at ”buying time, while the Micheletti regime gets established, and we won’t let that happen. We think they are only trying to drag this situation out, when things here are clear: there was a coup d’etat and Manuel Zelaya should be reinstated.

”As of this week we are going to take more radical action,” he told IPS. ”We are calling all of the organisations that make up the Resistance Front to an assembly Tuesday where we are going to propose a nationwide general strike as well as more radical actions. If what it takes is civil war, then that’s what we’ll do.

”The people owe Honduras a revolution, and if the legitimate president, Manuel Zelaya, is not reinstated, there will be a confrontation between social classes. What I can say is that the days of peaceful resistance, like we have had until now, are numbered,” said Ponce, visibly exhausted from the last two weeks of protests.

Democracy Now! hade ett inslag igår som handlar om de Clinton-lobbyister i Washington som nu är i säng med gorillan i Honduras. Kolla.


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